Kayla Mossuto
Kayla Mossuto
08:31 16 Jan 19
Can't recommend highly enough - Body Reflexion... have made it so easy to return to exercise after bubs. Great people, great atmosphere and great results :)read more
Kate Carroll
Kate Carroll
11:15 19 Dec 18
Chloe and Andrew are fantastic, lovely,... supportive, down to earth people that understand what individuals need. I joined the supermums class to work on getting some of my fitness and core strength back after having a baby. Since joining, I have enjoyed every minute of the sessions (even the tough ones!!). Chloe has been amazing. She is friendly, caring, supportive and as a beautiful bonus, she loves all of us bringing our baby's along to the class. It is an awesome and fun perk to have my baby with me as I workout. I have never felt so welcome and comfortable in a gym, which I attribute to Chloe and Andrew's approach to their passion for fitness and their desire to help others achieve their best. Thanks guys, you rock!!!read more
Alex Lough
Alex Lough
02:15 13 Dec 18
After having my first child, I wanted to work on... strengthening my body back to where it was, and a friend suggested we try the Supermums class at Body Reflexion Health & Fitness. I am so thankful that she did!Chloe and Andrew have built a fantastic community. The environment is warm and friendly, and the fact that children are welcome at the Supermums class is a wonderful perk (and entertaining!). Not only is it a supportive environment, but I feel stronger and healthier from being a part of the classes. I encourage any mums in the area to give it a go!read more
Tara Paige
Tara Paige
02:14 31 May 18
If you’re after a supportive friendly atmosphere... this is the place for you. Body Refexion has a lot to offer from personal weight training, high intensity circuit training, nutrition causes to Super Mums class that is a low impact body weight class that you can bring you child to. Highly recommend you go for a free consultation 👍read more
Melissa Holford
Melissa Holford
08:47 31 Mar 18
Great PT’s in a supportive & friendly... environment. Andrew & Chloe really know what they are talking about, I love the results I’ve achieved so far.If you are looking to train with experienced, knowledgeable trainers & with members who are motivated to achieve results in a private space that is not your run of the mill gym then Body Reflexion is the place for more
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Pregnancy and exercise, can it help?

I’m the first to admit that before my first baby gym was never my thing.  I’d never been overweight but I didn’t have the tone and shape I would have liked.  I didn’t feel confident in a bikini and I couldn’t do a push-up to save my life!

During my first pregnancy it all changed.  My motivation went through the roof!  At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with insulin controlled gestational diabetes which meant insulin injections twice a day.  It sucked!!

I trained up until 32 weeks on a modified program.  This pregnancy has definitely had its moments, especially early on but I still have my energy, I have minimal reflux, no carpal tunnel and no oedema (fluid retention).  All of which I put up with during the first pregnancy.  The weight gain has also remained within a healthy level.  Fortunately I gave birth to a healthy girl and had no complications.  Post baby and full of motivation, it was time to get into the gym!  I completed 2 MP re-programs along with a FIRE program and ICE sessions.

For me the biggest and most significant result from doing MP?  It’s the fact that now at 37 weeks pregnant with my second baby and no gestational diabetes!!!!!!

My Obstetrician informed me this was extremely rare.  He hadn’t seen the results I received from the glucose tolerance test in someone with gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy!

Going from hating the gym to loving it wasn’t just one thing I had to do or fix.  It was a combination of having a good reason, the patience to learn how to move better and more effectively and being in an environment that’s safe and supportive.

This lifestyle is now very much a part of who I am.


Chloe x